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Vice-Chancellor’s Students’ Excellence Awards - 2024



The Vice-Chancellor of the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST), Kumasi has instituted a STUDENT APPRECIATION DAY dubbed Vice-Chancellor’s Students’ Excellence Awards (VCSEA). These awards aim to recognise students who have distinguished themselves in various aspects of student life at KNUST. The Second Edition seeks to reward performances between 2023 and 2024.

Theme: "Celebrating Achievements Beyond Boundaries: Recognising Students' Excellence"

Purpose of Awards

The key objectives of these awards are to:

  • acknowledge and promote student academic excellence
  • provide formal recognition of student achievements 
  • increase visibility of student excellence and motivate other students to perform better thereby upgrading standards of excellence and achievement.

Thematic Award Categories

The awards will celebrate students who have advanced leadership, academic excellence, equity, diversity, and inclusion at KNUST in one or more of the following areas:

  1. Student Leadership
  2. Academic Excellence
  3. College (In terms of Student Activities)
  4. Debate
  5. Cadet
  6. Peer Counselling
  7. Sports
  8. Innovations and Patents
  9. Entrepreneurship with Measurable Outcomes
  10. Volunteerism
  11. Creative Arts
  12. All Rounded Exemplary Student
  13. Special Awards
  14. Media

The Detailed Award Categories for 2024 are as Follows:

Student Leadership

  1. Outstanding SRC Parliamentary Council Member, 2024
  2. Outstanding SRC Executive Council Member, 2024
  3. Outstanding SRC Executive Committee Member, 2024
  4. Outstanding GRASAG Executive Council Member, 2024
  5. Outstanding GRASAG Executive Committee Member, 2024 
  6. Outstanding GRASAG Senate Member, 2024
  7. Outstanding NUGS Leader, 2024
  8. Outstanding JCRC Member, 2024
  9. Outstanding Student Leader (IDL), 2024
  10. Outstanding Student Leader (Obuasi Campus), 2024
  11. Outstanding Student Leader with Disability , 2024
  12. Outstanding College leader, 2024
  13. Outstanding Faculty Leader, 2024 
  14. Outstanding Department Leader, 2024 
  15. Outstanding UNRC Leader, 2024
  16. Outstanding ISA Executive, 2024
  17. Outstanding ISA Personality, 2024


  1. Outstanding Sports Personality (Male), 2024
  2. Outstanding Sports Personality (Female), 2024 


  1. Outstanding Debater (Male), 2024
  2. Outstanding Debater (Female), 2024

Academic Excellence


  1. Outstanding Academic Performance (1st Year Undergraduate), 2024 
  2. Outstanding Academic Performance (2nd Year Undergraduate),2024
  3. Outstanding Academic Performance (3rd Year Undergraduate), 2024
  4. Outstanding Academic Performance (4th Year Undergraduate), 2024 
  5. Outstanding Academic Performance (5th Year Undergraduate), 2024)
  6. Outstanding Academic Performance (6th Year Undergraduate), 2024


  1. Outstanding Academic Performance: Taught Component (1st Year Masters), 2024
  2. Outstanding Academic Performance: Taught Component (1st Year MPhil), 2024
  3. Outstanding Academic Performance: Taught Component (1st Year PhD), 2024
  4. Outstanding Research Output (Masters), 2024
  5. Outstanding Research Output (MPhil), 2024
  6. Outstanding Research Output (PhD), 2024

Cadet Excellence

  1. Outstanding Cadet (Male), 2024
  2. Outstanding Cadet (Female), 2024


  1. Outstanding College (Based on Student-Led Activities), 2024

All Rounded 

  1. All Rounded Exemplary Student (Male), 2024
  2. All Rounded Exemplary Student (Female) , 2024


  1. Outstanding Innovation, 2024


  1. Outstanding Entrepreneur, 2024 


  1. Outstanding Volunteer, 2024

Creative Arts 

  1. Outstanding Creative Artist, 2024


  1. Outstanding Media Personality, 2024 

Peer Counselling 

  1. Outstanding Peer Counselor (Female), 2024
  2. Outstanding Peer Counselor (Male), 2024

VC’s Special Awards 

  1. Special Award (Humanitarian), 2024
  2. Special Award (Humanitarian), 2024 
  3. Special Award (Humanitarian), 2024 
  4. Special Award (International Exploit), 2024 
  5. Special Award (International Exploit), 2024
  6. Special Award (International Exploit), 2024

Post-Graduate Students’ Poster and Exhibition 

  1. Best Poster, 2024
  2. Best Exhibit, 2024 

Eligibility Criteria

  1. The student or team of students must:
  • Be currently enrolled as a FULL-TIME or PART-TIME student at KNUST between 2022 and 2024.
  • Be in ‘good standing’ where ‘good standing’ means the student is free from any investigation, query, suspension, or disciplinary action and has paid fees in full
  • Agree to be nominated
  • Provide evidence to nominators to support their nomination.
  1. Nominations are only valid for the year in which they are submitted and must be based on achievements between 2022 to 2024.
  2. No individual can be nominated for multiple awards in any given category. However, the awards selection committee may choose to reassign a nomination to a different award category, based on the best fit with the evidence and with the nominee’s agreement.

Criteria for Awards

Student Leadership

A nominee must fall under any of the positions listed under this category.

Selection criteria

The nominee must:

  • be a role model
  • demonstrate significant initiative
  • inspire others to work collaboratively and creatively
  • promote a work environment that is respectful and supportive
  • demonstrate a significant amount of time and energy in a leadership position.

Best Sports Personality

A nominee must have excelled in their chosen field of sports and enhanced the reputation of sports in the university. 

Selection criteria

The nominee must

  • must have won individual or group laurels/medals/honours
  • has represented the university on a regional / national level or has excelled within the university sports structure
  • must show a good sense of sportsmanship, personal flair, humour and enthusiasm in all aspects of their sport

Academic Excellence 

The nominee must demonstrate outstandingly high academic excellence with a deep understanding and competence in their area of study.

Selection criteria

The nominee must

  • demonstrate academic excellence in their area of study
  • demonstrate engagement in extracurricular and social activities
  • be regular, punctual and an active participant in academic activities

Cadet Excellence

A nominee must possess all the necessary qualities to become an effective leader in the military and beyond.

Selection criteria

The nominee must

  • display military potential
  • be of high moral character
  • demonstrate positive personal attributes
  • maintain consistent academic excellence
  • have excelled in cadet activities and enhanced the reputation of cadet activities in the University

Best College Award (targeting Student’s activities)

This award acknowledges the college that goes above and beyond to provide diverse student opportunities to participate in clubs, associations, events and community service initiatives.

Selection criteria

The nominated college should have created a vibrant and inclusive environment that helps students to:

  • explore their interests
  • develop leadership skills
  • make lasting connections with their peers
  • encourages student leadership and personal growth.

All Rounded Exemplary Student

The nominee should be someone who excels in academics and extracurricular activities.

Selection criteria

The nominee must

  • exhibit strong moral values
  • have good grades in area of study
  • maintain a well-rounded personality
  • demonstrate exceptional leadership skills
  • actively participate in extracurricular activities.

Students Innovation and Patents

The best student in innovation and patent is someone who has consistently demonstrated exceptional creativity and problem-solving skills in their area of study.

Selection criteria

The nominee must

  • have the ability to think outside the box
  • have exceptional creativity and problem-solving skills
  • have made exceptional contributions to the field of innovation development
  • have produced inventions or patents that are exceptional in their area of study

Student Businesses /Entrepreneurs

The award for student businesses and entrepreneur recognizes exceptional achievements and innovative ideas in the field of entrepreneurship among students. 

Selection Criteria

The nominee should: 

  • have registered business(es) with certificate from Registrar’s General Department 
  • be recognised by CBD
  • have the ability to secure funding 
  • state the nature of Service/Business 
  • state the current market size
  • have a vision for Expansion 
  • state their revenue 
  • state the number of Employees 
  • produce a bank Statement

Note: The Committee would also look at “Think It – Fund It” or any other students’ initiative for the selection of the Entrepreneurs

Volunteerism with a measurable outcome

This award celebrates students who have made exceptional efforts and contributions to the university community and/or their community.

Selection Criteria

The nominee should 

  • provide evidence of volunteerism to the university and/or their communities.
  • serve as an inspiration for others to get involved in community services
  • have dedicated their time and effort towards making positive impact to the community

Creative, Visual and Performing Arts

This award celebrates students who have excelled in areas such as design, painting, sculpture, photography, dance, music, theatre, and oratory.

 Selection Criteria

The nominee should have evidence of

  • manuscript of play or music
  • programmes performed 
  • number of poetry /songs composed
  • creativity, technical skill, and a unique perspective of their work. 

Media Personality

This award celebrates students who have excelled in areas such as Journalism, reporting and media presentation through print and electronic media (TV, radio and online/social media).

Selection Criteria 

The nominee should have evidence of 

  • works produced within the past 2 years
  • demonstrate exceptional creativity and 
  • compelling story telling skills

Best Peer Counsellor

This award for student peer counsellors recognizes outstanding individuals who have demonstrated exceptional skills in providing support and guidance to their peers

Selection Criteria

The nominee should provide evidence of 

  • number of cases handled 
  • working odd hours 
  • exceptional commitment to a task 
  • conduct and discipline

Selection Process

  1. The selection process will be administered by a Selection Panel at the end of the call.
  2. The Panel will receive and screen applications to ensure that nominations meet the award criteria. 
  3. The Panel will select suitable candidates for the awards using a pre-determined scoring system.
  4. The Panel will inform finalists and successful nominees on their award in advance of the Award Ceremony.

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