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Examination Regulations

Candidates are being reminded that they should please, ensure that:

  1. They have their ID, Examination cards, REGISTRATION SLIPS and REGISTRATION RECEIPTS, without which they would not be allowed in.

  2. They do not bring into the Exam room, any bags, hats, books, notes, programmable calculators etc. These are prohibited materials.

  3. They bring their own erasers, pens, pencils, rulers, scientific calculators etc instead of disturbing others by requesting for these items.

  4. They should not bring mobile phones into the Examination room under whatever circumstances. 

  5. They do not communicate with other candidates while in the Examination room apart from the invigilator.

  6. No EXCUSES will be tolerated

  7. All programmable calculators and mobile phones will be confiscated and given to the Deputy Registrar Academic if brought into the Examination room.