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Prospective Students

Admission to KNUST is purely based on merit. Over the years the university has undertaken to admit the cream of qualified applicants. Limited vacancies are therefore keenly competed for. Prospective students have access to all the information they need to start their application.

The list below presents categories considered for the Undergraduate programme:

WASSCE/ SSSCE Certificate holders

Advanced/ General Business Certificate (ABCE/GBCE) Holders

Mature applicants (age: 25 years and above) including HND holders (with 3 years relevant working experience)

International Students including Ghanaians with foreign results

The Office of the Dean of Students provides services to prospective KNUST applicants to make suitable programme choices. Applicants therefore receive counselling on how to select appropriate programmes and, the job with respect to employment.

The office provides this service to the community to reduce the rate of frustrations by applicants who mistakenly disqualify themselves due to ignorance. We are passionate about your eagerness to study here at the KNUST. Please visit our respective Admissions Information pages for admissions processes on programmes you wish to study here at the KNUST.