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Registration Guidelines

1. Students, particularly freshmen should have paid academic fees in full at the bank or should have been appropriately cleared by their College/Faculty Account Officer on the ARMIS software in the event where part-payment is made.

2. Students are to pay College/Faculty/Department Dues at College/Faculty Account Offices.

3. Students are to come along with a form of identity, and receipts of College/Faculty/Department/Association Dues. Freshmen will present their provisional offer of admission letter whilst Continuing students will present their Student ID cards at any of the registration points. International students are to present original copies of admission letters.

4. Students are to locate any designated  biometric registration/verification centre:

  • SRC /UITS ICT Centre (Carrera)
  • Huawei ICT Centre
  • SMS ICT Centre
  • CAP computer lab
  • CoE computer lab
  • FRNR computer lab
  • Faculty of Agriculture computer lab
  • Faculty of Social Sciences computer lab
  • Faculty of Law
  • KSB computer lab
  • KATH Hostel computer lab

5. At any of the centres, your fingerprint data will be enrolled into the system. You are then verified. Your online registration username and password will be sent by text to your personal number. In event of text message delay beyond 15 minutes, please contact the ICT centre (first floor, main library).

6. Collect your special package Vodafone SIM Card (freshmen only) at the designated table at the registration point. This special SIM will be the official means of communication and alerts by the University. It offers you a monthly pacage of 2048MB data, 200 mins on-net talk time(calls to vodafone lines only), 10 mins off-net talk time (calls to other networs) and 50 sms, 500 mins community user group.

7. Students should visit the students portal (click here) or download the students app (AIM App) from the Play Store (click here). The username and password text message you received on your phone from KNUST will be used for this, and all other semester registrations, including checking of results.

8. Registration must be done by student. As much as you may be assisted, do not let anybody register courses for you. Students SHOULD do their own registration to avoid course registration and security problems.

9. To complete the online registration process, you must save and print the registration, sign your portion on the slip and submit the other part to your department examinations officer for his/her endorsement and collection. Student will be given a copy of the slip as proof of registration for the semester. Failure to submit it amounts to not registering at all.