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Graduate Employability Ideas Competition 2021

What the ideas competition is all about

With “University of Ideas”, the African Centre for Career Enhancement & Skill Support (ACCESS) is looking for innovative ideas large and small, that can stimulate development in the topics of digital tools/formats in education, university business linkages, and career enhancement in the context of employability through universities.

Our society is constantly changing. How we communicate with each other, learn, work, evolve – all of this is subject to permanent change and must constantly face/its future. Innovations from the university environment can meet these challenges. They contribute to progress and the ability to innovate, to the shaping of future activities and the adaptability of its people. Innovations occur in all areas of a university. They can show up in teaching, methods and the tools we use, their services, or even the design of their inner organization and its public presentation. They can be profit-oriented, but do not have to be. They can be technology-induced, or they can arise independently of technologies. This change is often embedded in a specific environment, following the rules of its own ecosystem. Rooted in this initial position we are looking for innovation in regard to the three following topics.

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