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KNUST Entrepreneurship Clinic, 2020

14th Feb 2020 13th Mar 2020
Time: 02:30 PM Venue:

Great Hall, KNUST

KNUST Entrepreneurship Clinic, 2020

From Friday, February 14, to Friday, March 13, 2020

1.0 Introduction

The Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology sees the impact of entrepreneurship and small business management skills on its students as a vital component in its training. The Centre for Business Development is organising an entrepreneurship course dubbed “KNUST Entrepreneurship Clinic” for all students of KNUST and other tertiary students in Kumasi. This will be the seventh in the series.

The five-week programme is proposed to start on Friday, February 14 and end on Friday, March 13, 2020. The purpose of the CLINIC is to educate students on general knowledge in all aspects of entrepreneurship and small business management. It also seeks to throw light on professional and business ethics. The main idea is to create awareness and knowledge of opportunities, challenges, characteristics, attitudes and skills needed for a successful entrepreneurship, venture creation and networking.

2.0 Objectives

  1. Appreciating the relationship among concepts and principles of entrepreneurship and small business management and its prospects and challenges.
  2. Managing and sustaining a business in Ghana.
  3. Understanding the business environment and opportunities and threats they present.
  4. Discovering and utilising their potential in life and generally coping with life after school.
  5. Understanding the business financing systems in Ghana including microfinancing.

3.0 Learning outcomes

It is expected that most students will go out with an entrepreneurship or intrapreneurship mindset of orientation. The programme is not necessarily going to make it possible for all final year students to begin their careers as entrepreneurs or self-employed immediately after graduation but at least it will give them the necessary exposure.

4.0 Methodology

Accomplished business practitioners and entrepreneurs will be invited to give speeches and presentations on specific topics designed by the planning and organising committee of the entrepreneurship programme.

The committee has designed the curricula for the programme and each resource person will be assigned a topic ranging from entrepreneurship to small business management. Two resource persons, speaking on different topics, will speak on each day. The topics will be presented by the resource persons and participants will be allowed to ask questions for clarification from the invited speakers.

The table below contains detailed programme schedule with corresponding resource persons.

KNUST Entrepreneurship Clinic, 2020