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Financing for your University Degree; Brighter Investment

At Brighter Investment we believe every talented student should be able to pay for a quality education. If you’re selected for our program, you’ll receive full payment of tuition fees, housing fees and a monthly stipend. You will also be paired with one of our mentors to help you be more successful at your education and the start of your career.

Upon graduation and after national service, students repay a pre-agreed percentage of their income for a fixed number of years. Repayment that depends on your income ensures that no student ever gets into debt problems.

To apply, visit  

Programme Benefits
Tuition Fees
Housing Fees
Monthly Stipend
Mentorship & career coaching
Application Procedure
Click on APPLY NOW FOR SEP­2017!
Select your country, status, desired degree and click submit
Follow the instructions and keep an eye out for our emails!
Note: To complete your application, you are required to get a teacher/lecturer’s email for recommendation. You will also require a scanned Copy of WASSCE Results and a scanned Copy of a Valid ID