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Call for Applications for Heritage Studies (Short Course)

Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology

Centre For Cultural And African Studies (CeCASt) in Collaboration with Centre for Capacity Building and Innovation (CCBI)

Course Description

The course introduces students to the concept of Heritage with its elements and domains. The focus will be on the tangible and intangible Cultural Heritage as what is/are inherited from the past that are valued and enjoyed in the present and are preserved and passed on to future generations. The participants will be assisted to understand and appreciate these two main types of Ghanaian Heritage – tangible and intangible.

The course will demonstrate the process of identification of heritage elements through research, documentation and inventorying, digitisation, and preservation. The importance of Cultural Heritage in helping people appreciates their identity.

This short course while targeting the general basics of heritage studies would augment the understanding of the principles and strategies of cultural heritage and cover perspectives and concepts of cultural heritage in Ghana along new and some emerging heritages specifically in the fields of “popular and digital music heritage.

Targeted Students/Applicants

  • Traditional authority who are custodians of heritage sites.
  • Custodians and caretakers of various heritage projects.
  • Culture, Heritage, and Tourism workers.
  • Students who want to familiarise themselves with general information.  

Call for Applications for Heritage Studies

The modules are strategically grouped to encourage reflections and hands-on experiences from biodiversity, climate change, and other environmental impacts. The Nature of Culture and Values of Heritage Studies, Tangible and Intangible Cultural Heritage: The Various Forms, Types of elements, and domains, The UNESCO conventions – (2003, 2005, 2015) Criteria for Recognition, Benefits of Identifying, Protecting and Preserving Our Heritage Sites, Discovering New Cultural Heritages: The Performance, Creative and Fine Arts.