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The Registrar's Office

The Registrar’s Office is the apex coordinating administrative wing, serving under the Vice-Chancellor and providing the appropriate support for policy implementation while keeping abreast with administrative trends to continuously improve services. The Office is headed by the Registrar, who is the Chief Operating Officer, under the Vice-Chancellor, leading the University and ensuring the interpretation and implementation of University rules, regulations and policies.

As the Chief Operating Officer, the Registrar performs the following functions, among others;

  1. Serve as Secretary to the Chancellor and the Council as well as any other committee as may be determined by the Statutes; and providing policy options for the consideration of the Council;
  2. Serve as the Chief Advisor to the Vice-Chancellor;
  3. Serve as the custodian of University documents and the Seal;
  4. Coordinate the administration and implementation of the conditions of service for staff and provide appropriate recommendations on same for the attention of the Vice-Chancellor;
  5. Coordinate the planning and implementation of academic as well as the human resource activities of the University;
  6. Provide oversight responsibilities for University functions and ceremonies such as;
    a. Matriculation, congregation, investiture ceremonies;
    b. Admissions and registration of students
  7. Liaise with the University Information Technology Services (UITS) for the management of staff and students’ records;
  8. Serve as the Returning Officer for University elections;
  9. Process applications for appointment, promotions and other related staff matters;
  10. Make recommendations to the Vice-Chancellor for appropriate action on the following:
    • Grant of incentives and awards, both monetary and nonmonetary,
    • Designation, reassignment and transfer of administrative staff,
    • Settlement of work-related complaints and grievances;
  11. Convene periodic meetings of Heads of Divisions and staff of the Registrar’s Offices to stimulate participatory and transparent administration as well as evaluate the work of the Office; 
  12. Prepare annual reports to Council and the Academic Board on the operations of the Registrar’s Office; 
  13. Ensure the implementation of the University Strategic Plan as well as all other plans; and
  14. Perform any other duties as may be assigned by the Vice-Chancellor.


The Registrar is also assisted by a crop of Administrators and Professionals made up of Deputy Registrars, Senior Assistant Registrars and Assistant Registrars who handle the various Departments of the Office and service Committees and Boards of the University.

The Registrar may delegate in writing to a senior member, the performance of a function vested in the Registrar’s Office by the Act, Statutes or the Administrative Manual.


Senior Members

  • Mr. Andrews Kwasi Boateng – Registrar
  • Ms. Efua Arku – Assistant Registrar


Senior Staff

  • Mr. Elvis Twum-Barimah – Chief Administrative Assistant
  • Mr. Gibridu Oppong – Principal Administrative Assistant