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Consultant to Train Instructors on Study Guide Development


The Centre for Applied Research and Innovation in Supply Chain-Africa (CARISCA) is training, generating, and translating supply chain management research and innovations into positive development outcomes for Ghana and across Africa. CARISCA forms part of the Building Research and Innovation, Generating Evidence, and Training (BRIDGE-Train) program of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), which harnesses intellectual, research, community engagement, and capacity building expertise of higher education institutions to address some of the world’s most complex development challenges.

Through a partnership between Arizona State University and Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and University Technology (KNUST) in Ghana, CARISCA leverages local and international networks of governmental, civil society, and industry partners to connect African researchers, practitioners, businesses, and policy makers to supply chain assets around the world. CARISCA seeks to strengthen local capacity to improve supply chains by increasing their efficiency, effectiveness, and inclusiveness.

Following several engagements with key stakeholders in agriculture and healthcare sectors across Ghana, CARISCA has identified the need to develop academic and professional training programmes to close gaps in logistics and supply chain management education. Five new programmes have therefore, been developed in Health, Pharmaceutical and Agriculture Supply Chains. In addition, short continuing professional development (CPD) programmes will soon be launched online to enhance the skills of logistics and supply chain professionals. CARISCA will provide the professional development training through a digital/mobile training platform that offers flexible, asynchronous learning.

Purpose of Study Guide Development Workshop

The purpose of the workshop is to train instructors on CARISCA’s programmes on how to develop study guides for newly developed programmes in health and agriculture supply chains (including the online CPD courses). The study guides are expected to provide both instructors and learners a clear trajectory of the course requirements and what is expected of facilitators and learners. It also allows for continuity even when another facilitator/instructor needs to take over the teaching of any course. The study guides will cover all course materials, including the syllabi, and complement recommended books and other supporting materials. It is, therefore, expected that the study guides will help both study guide developers and instructors for the following courses:

  • MSc Health Supply Chain Management,
  • MSc Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Management,
  • MSc Agriculture Supply Chain Management,
  • BSc Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Management, and
  • PhD Logistics and Supply Chain Management.

Objectives of the consultancy

The objectives of the consultancy are as follows:

  • To develop effective training materials/tools for CARISCA study guide developers and instructors to empower them to create study guides for newly developed courses.
  • To train CARISCA faculty members in innovative and practical techniques to develop study guides that conforms with international standards.

Scope of Work

  1. The consultant(s) are strongly urged to create highly engaging and practical outcomes for this consultancy. They are required to undertake the following tasks:
  • Specifically, the consultant(s) is expected to develop and execute a training workshop for CARISCA study guide developers on study guide development.
  • The consultant is also expected to develop training materials/tools in the form of handouts for the workshop participants.
  1. The training workshop should meet the following minimum criteria:
  • Trains study guide developers who are confident and competent to develop study guides that meet international standards.
  • Engages trainees in simulating the relevant and realistic challenges of developing a programme study guide.
  • Encourages trainees to participate using brief presentations and live demonstrations
  • Innovative, interactive practical exercises with feedback and coaching on the relevant skills and processes, discussion exercises and application of study guide development strategies and techniques.
  • Provides trainee study guide developers with a set of training materials that should include a manual of guidelines for developing study guides.
  1. The consultant agrees to provide services in accordance with the highest professional and ethical standards.


The consultant(s) will provide:

  1. An inception report that details the approaches and timelines associated with this consultancy and outlines a draft agenda for the training workshop.
  2. The final revised agenda for the training and the full complement of workshop materials t submitted a minimum of one (1) week before convening of the workshop.
  3. A final report on the training includes a thorough evaluation of the workshop.

Timeline for Deliverables


Working Days

Inception Report


Draft Agenda for Training Workshop


Training Materials for Training Workshop


Facilitation of Workshop


Final Report




Required Expertise

  1. A minimum of a postgraduate degree in a related area.
  2. Experience in developing study guides at higher education level.
  3. Evidence of previously developed workshop materials.
  4. Evidence of study guides developed for higher education.
  5. Knowledge in procurement and supply chain management is an added advantage.

Time Frame

Work is expected to start by December 12, 2021 and conclude by December 23, 2021. The workshop is expected to be held during the week of December 12 - 23, 2021. The consultant may be an individual or company and should be able to assume duties by December 12, 2021. Technical and financial proposals based on the Terms of Reference outlined above must be provided no later than the close of business on December 08, 2021. The proposal must include a full curriculum vitae for each member of the proposed team.

Submit Materials by December 08, 2021

Kindly send your proposal (including CVs and example materials) via email to: Dr. Abdul Muntaka ( and copy ( and (