Recreational Facilities

Locate any of our recreational centres and spots like the Royal Parade Grounds – green comfortable lawns, The Botanical Gardens – comfortable places, and environs around our Guest Houses. You can take advantage of the Olympic size pool to relax on a hot afternoon or after a stressful day.  Swimming lessons are also organised for neophytes.

Students Life

The Jazz Club also presents a Jazz, poetry and Comedy time every Friday night at 6:30pm, at the KNUST Cultural centre. Eden vibe under the auspices of CeCASt, organises a Jazz and Literary variety, of art and act night comprising jazz music, poetry, comedy, psalms, etc. The carpet and host band is Eden vibe. A special strawberry drink and sandwiches are available for soothing the mouth. Salsa lessons and shows are organised for   people who are enthusiastic about Salsa.  On a typical Friday evening, one of the places to relax, get entertained and learn some new dance moves is the Independence Hall Junior Common Room.

Other facilities on the campus include a Sports Stadium, a Senior Staff Club and a Junior Staff Community Centre. We still continue to provide a perfect blend of academic life laced with entertaining and memorable social life.

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