Housing Tips for Students

Student Residence

Over the years, some students have had bitter experiences in private hostel accommodation. In a bid to reduce some of these bad experiences, the following “Housing Tips” are recommended to guide students in their search for and choice of accommodation. Never be in haste to reserve accommodation in any hostel whatsoever. You must endeavour to give due consideration to all issues or factors surrounding the hostel you intend to live in.

You must:

  1. physically inspect any hostel personally before reserving a bed space. Descriptions in advertisements for hostel accommodation are often grossly exaggerated. In some cases, facilities and services contained in the advertisements are not provided in the hostels.
  2. inspect a number of hostels and gather information on them to enable you to make a better comparison of the facilities, services and rents. There are now many quality hostels offering competitive rents around the campus of KNUST.
  3. ask all relevant questions at the time of negotiation and be satisfied with the answers given by prospective landlords/managers before reserving bed spaces in any hostel. Some landlords are willing to negotiate with students on the facilities, services and rents. If the landlord promises to provide you with something that is not in the hostel at the time of negotiations ensure that all such promises are put into writing and signed by the landlord. NEVER ACCEPT VERBAL PROMISES.
  4. sign valid tenancy agreements with your landlord. Never sign any tenancy contract which you do not understand. The modalities for the payment of water, electricity, gas and other utilities bills must be clearly stated as agreed to by both parties.
  5. note that landlords are most unwilling to refund Rent Deposits. You must therefore be fairly sure that you want to live in the hostel before making any payments. Also note that you risk losing money if you subsequently decide not to take up the reserved bed after making payment.
  6. always obtain a receipt whenever you hand over money to any person (landlord or authorized agent). Pay monies personally to manager/owner or authorized agents only. The receipt must indicate the amount paid, the date of payment, description of what you are paying for (eg deposits, part payment, full payment, refundable deposit, utilities bill etc.), the name of person making the payment and the name of person receiving the money.
  7. beware of QUACK ESTATE AGENTS, some of who are associated with the University (staff and students). They may use subtle means and coaxing to convince you to live in a particular hostel.
  8. Some landlords are difficult to please while some “hostels” lack the basic facilities to guarantee any minimum congenial academic environment for students.
  9. In case of doubt always check with the Office of the Dean of Students for an opinion on the integrity or status of any landlord or hostel manager. 

Again in case of any difficulty regarding accommodation contact the Office of the Dean of Students or your nearest Non-Resident Students Representative

Thank you! 
Office of the Dean of Students.


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