Halls of Residence

There are six Halls of residence and a number of hostels in the University. They are Queen Elizabeth II, Unity, Independence, Republic, University, and Africa. Three of the Halls of residence are mixed, two for males only and one for females only. Of the five hostels, two are for postgraduate students, one for both undergraduate and graduate students and managed by the Ghana Universities Staff Superannuation Scheme (GUSSS).

Africa HallAfrica Hall

Africa Hall is the only all-female hall in the University. It was first occupied by students on 14th October, 1967. Members of the Hall are known as "Domites". Majority of the female senior members are assigned to Africa as Fellows. "Dome" has 192 inhabitable rooms and presently the total student population is about 514.

Facilities include a modern internet cafe, Mini basket ball court, Games room, Chapel, Salon, A well managed kitchen that serves food, a modern mini- market etc. The Africa Hall J.C.R. stocks all categories of goods. It is one of the best, if not the very best on campus. You might want to check it out. Read more.

Indece Hall

Independence Hall

Independence Hall was officially opened in February, 1959 to commemorate the attainment of Ghana's independence on 6th March, 1957. It was the first permanent hall of residence. Women were however admitted to the hall for the first time in 1991. Members of the hall are known as "Spartans". 

The hall consists of 198 rooms in the main hall and 96 rooms in the annex, thus accommodating a student population of 840. Facilities include an internet café, communication centre, Games room, Gym, Chapel, Salon, mini mart, Dining Hall etc.

Queens Hall

Queens Hall

Queens Elizabeth II Hall was named in honour of Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain and was officially opened in November 1959 by the Duke of Edinburgh. The Queen later visited the Hall in 1961 during her state visit to Ghana. 
It is co-educational and houses a student population of 840 with 294 rooms. Members of Queen Elizabeth II Hall are usually known as "Royals". Facilities include a modern internet cafe, Communication centre, Badminton court, Games room, A Gym, Chapel, Salon, Gift Shop, Shopping mall, kitchen that serves food etc.

Republic HallRepublic Hall

Republic Hall is a mixed Hall with about 850 students both local and International. It was named Republic to commemorate Ghana's attainment of a Republic Status in 1960.  The Hall was officially opened in1961 and women were admitted to the hall for the first time only in 1991.It has 198 rooms in the main, 96 in the annex block. 

Facilities include a modern mini Basket ball court, Games room, Chapel, Salon, Gift Shop, kitchen that serves food etc. Cock Tarven is a very popular Junior Common Room on campus. All throng there to socialise. Repu as it is popularly called is also the home to the Student Representative Council (SRC) Office.


                                                                      Unity Hall

Unity HallUnity Hall is the largest hall with an original accommodation capacity of 448 rooms but presently have 36 extra flats. It is an all-male hall with modern facilities and nicknamed “The Twin Towers". Members are known as "Continentals". 

The present student population is over 1000.The hall welcomed its first batch of students on the 16th October, 1968. 

Facilities include a modern internet cafe, Communication & business centre, Basket ball court, Games room, A Boutique & Gift Shop, Barbering Salon, kitchen that serves food and a Shopping mall with a well stocked Super market. Conti also boast of the only hall with a radio station-Continental Radio 96.1fm and the most comfortable, friendly and spacious Junior Common Room on campus.

University HallUniversity Hall

The University Hall was named to commemorate the accession of the Kumasi College of Technology to full University status on 22nd August, 1961. It is an all male Hall. The main hall has 198 rooms excluding flats, and the annex has 95 rooms. It is popularly known as" KATANGA". 

Facilities include Games room, A Gym, Chapel, Internet Cafe, A mini market, Communication centre, Barbering Salon, kitchen that serves food etc. Katanga has a very lively Junior Common Room.


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