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The Registrar

The Registrar's Offices is headed by the Registrar , who is the University's Chief Administrative Officer and Secretary to the Council of the University. The Registrar's Offices is responsible, under the Vice-Chancellor, for the day-to -day administration and management of the University. To achieve this, the Registrar works in concert with and collaborates with other Offices of the University's Central Administration and Services.

The Registrar is also assisted by a crop of Administrators and Professionals made up of Deputy Registrars, Senior Assistant Registrars and Assistant Registrars who handle the various Departments of the Office and service Committees and Boards of the University.

The Registrar's Offices is currently made up of five (5) main Divisions and five Sub-Divisions. The Divisions are headed by Deputy Registrars while the Sub-Divisions are headed by Senior Assistant Registrars and/or Assistant Registrars.
The Divisions are:

    Academic & Student Affairs
    General Administration
    Human Resources Development
    Legal & Welfare
    University Relations Office

The Sub-Divisions are:

    Estate Office
    Legal Services Unit
    Sports Section
    University Alumni Centre
    University Guidance and Counselling Unit